With an UNLIMITED incoming calling plan from any mobile carrier, our call back service can make your EVERY call an incoming call and stop you being charged for making calls from your cell phone.
  • Canada Plan - $9.99/month
    - Unlimited calling to 400+ cities across Canada
  • North America Plan - $19.99/month
    - Unlimited calling to 400+ cities across Canada
    - 1000 free North America long distance minutes!*
* Includes Canada & USA land and cell, excluding Northwest Territories, Alaska, Hawaii and 900/976 calls.
+ One time setup fee $9.99.
1. From the cell phone that registered for the service, dial our call back access number.
2. Hang up after you hear the busy tone.
3. Our call back service will call you back in about 10 seconds. (The caller id of the cell phone must NOT be blocked)
4. Answer and then dial the number you wish to call when you hear the normal dial tone.
Do I need to switch my cell phone service to Vintone in order to use call back?

No. Call back is just an add-on to your current mobile service.
How do I save money by using call back?

Call back can make your every outgoing call an incoming call. So you do not have to pay for airtime and long distance charge as long as your incoming calls are free (or your incoming calls are free from some specific phone number) .