To the extent that personal information is provided in connection with this Agreement, the customer confirms that he or she consents to the use, collection and disclosure by Vintone, assignees of Vintone, and their agents and contractors for the following purposes:

(i) providing products and services to the customer;

(ii) contract management and administration;

(iii) establishing a customer relationship and communicating with customers;

(iv) developing, implementing and managing products and services for customers;

(v) assisting in law enforcement purposes and collecting unpaid debts;

(vi) protecting, managing and promoting their business interests and activities;

(vii) providing information to the customer on other products and services which may be available;

(viii) otherwise as required or permitted by law or this Agreement.

The customer may withdraw his or her consent in respect of clause(vii) above by notifying Vintone in writing at


Last Updated: February 1, 2011.