Call Display
Call Waiting
Call Forward
3-Way Calling
Caller ID Block
Voice Mail
Voice Mail to Email
Unlimted Incoming Calls
Unlimited1 Outgoing Calls to 400+ Cities Across Canada
Unlimited Vintone to Vintone Calls
Unlimited1 Outgoing Calls Within Canada and USA2  
Unlimited1 Outgoing Calls to almost 60 Countries    
911 Emergency Access 99¢ 99¢ 99¢
Virtual Phone Number3 Optional Optional Optional
Contract 1 year No No
Monthly Service Fee $899 $1899 $2899
1 Unlimited calling subject to normal residential use and fair usage policy allowance of 3000 minutes during each monthly billing cycle for outgoing inclusive local and long distance.
2 Canada & USA land and cell, excluding Northwest Territories, and Alaska.
3$4.99 per month. Area codes are subjected to availability.
* One time account setup fee $9.99 applies to above plans.